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Some people have such an extraordinary life or story that their experience has to be told on the movie screen. Biography movies represent exaggerated accounts of real persons, often stating that the story is based on true people and or events. It is this fact, that the things we see on screen actually happened, that make people want to see these films. Currently Schindler's list is rated as the best Biography movie to date, and I must say I would probably agree. The story of Oskar Schindler and the people he saved is so intense and surreal that we almost forget that it's based on real events and real people. It takes great talent to make a film such as this but an even greater challenge to hear the story from the people who have gone through the unthinkable. Tragedy, brutality, incredible hope and perseverance are just some of the recurring elements in biographies. We come to the movies to see the truth, the human spirit and to feel in touch with humanity through biographical films.