Miranda Kerr cherishes family time

Miranda Kerr ”cherishes” time at home with her son.

The Victoria’s Secret model is happy to take time out to be with her family when husband Orlando Bloom has to go away with work, and loved a recent stint in South Africa with her little boy Flynn, 23 months, while her spouse shot forthcoming movie ‘Zulu’.

She said: ”In South Africa, I was just at home, being a housewife, being a mum, wearing a lot of maxidresses and no shoes, because we never have shoes in the house. We had a big garden, so I was running around with my son, then I took him to the park or on play dates. That quality time is something I really cherish and value. It’s very important.”

Miranda loves spending time with her son so much, she even lets him stay close to her when she exercises.

She explained in an interview with Grazia magazine: ”When I do yoga, Flynn holds on to me like a koala. You have to find ways to multitask as a mum.”

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